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Interior painting service

A fresh clean look for any business remodeling.

K2 Painting LLC prioritizes safety, scheduling, and cleanliness when working on commercial interiors. You can count on our professional painting crew to get the job done fast.

We also provide these services:

No drips, no runs, no uneven lines where walls meet ceilings.

We use quality paints for long-lasting protection of your property, both inside and out.

And because we know how paint odors can affect people working in an office, we minimize the impact by using low VOC products and working around your business’s schedule.

Interior Commercial Painting in Milwaukee


Liven up the room for your guests.


5-year Satisfaction Guarantee for Every Commercial Painting Job

We stand by our experience and our team. If there's a problem we'll come fix it no questions asked, even if it's not our fault. 

The Highest Quality Paint That's Made to Last

K2 Painting LLC uses only quality painting and finishing products in order to meet the standards of our five-year warranty. We’ll select the appropriate coatings to protect and beautify your building inside and out.

Whether you need an anti-rust coating on a metal roof or structure, a concrete finish for your factory floor or a durable elastomeric paint for a brick building, K2 Painting LLC has the experience to choose the materials best for the job.

Experienced Commercial Painters with a Commitment to Quality

K2 Painting LLC employees are full-time professional painters committed to quality work carried out with exacting attention to detail.

Our painting company is the perfect size for commercial painting work: big enough to get the job done, and small enough so every job has a high level of owner involvement. We’re proud to offer valuable commercial painting services to other Wisconsin businesses.

Just call or contact us online and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with a reference or schedule a visit to your location to provide you with a written estimate.

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K2 Painting LLC serves businesses and industry in many Southeast Wisconsin locations.

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