Epoxy Floor Coating for Commercial Garages

Durability for Your Garage Floor

Epoxy floor coating for commercial garages

Epoxy coating provides the most durable flooring for your garage. Garage floor epoxy coating from K2 Painting is a thick coating tightly bonded to the prepared surface. These quality floors look nice and can withstand abrasions, stains, impact and chipping. Drop your heavy tools and drag your equipment—your epoxy floor won’t mind.

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Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is the best finish for your garage floor:

Speak with a specialist at K2 Painting to learn more about how epoxy floor coating can benefit your commercial garage.

Resilient Flooring for Commercial Garages

Get a floor that can handle your productivity. Concrete floors are subject to impacts, foot and equipment traffic and chemical spills. These impurities take their toll on the integrity of your concrete slab. A garage floor treated with epoxy coating is more resistant to vehicle and foot traffic, dropped tools and chemical and oil spills. Our epoxy is resistant to moisture, dirt, chemicals and salt, making it ideal for rainy and snowy climates. An epoxy floor coating acts as a sealer, preventing dirt from spreading throughout your garage. Your garage will be safer and cleaner.

K2 5-Year Guarantee

We’re confident in the work we perform. Our 5-year guarantee is proof. If anything goes wrong with your floor during the first two years, even if it had nothing to do with us, we’ll come back and fix it. The remaining 3 years, we will come back to fix any part of our work you’re not satisfied with.

Attractive Coating for Garages

Have a floor that matches the personality of your business. We offer epoxy floors for commercial garages in a variety of colors and finishes. We also offer epoxy line striping. You’ll be stunned with the appearance of your new floor. Contact our epoxy flooring specialists today to learn more about which garage flooring is right for you.

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