Stucco Pressure Washing in Wisconsin

Clean Exterior Stucco with Power Washing

Stucco pressure washing from Wisconsin professional cleaning service

While stucco is virtually maintenance-free, it comes with one major downside: dust and grime accumulation. The textured surface makes it susceptible to mildew, algae and dirt stains. K2 provides professional pressure washing for Milwaukee area stucco homeowners. Stucco cleaning services are common for stain removal and prepping exteriors for painting.

Stucco can be found on both residential exteriors and commercial buildings throughout Wisconsin. Cleaning methods may depend on the type of stucco on your exterior:

Each type of stucco is made from a different blend of materials and has a different cladding thickness. Traditional or synthetic, smooth or coarse, the K2 power wash team can clean it.

Professional Pressure Washing Removes Stucco Stains

Stucco makes your Midwestern home unique, but stains can make it stand out for the wrong reasons. The elegant white, yellow, pink or green color of your stucco can become blemished from a variety of substances:

Our power washing professionals will use the right cleaning substances to eliminate any and all stains. We use a precise PSI and pressure wash at a safe angle & distance from the walls to prevent any damage.


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Wisconsin’s Stucco Cleaning Service

Keep your stucco surface clean and tidy. Looking to paint? Follow up with our residential painting services. Take a look at our gallery of project photos for proof of our capabilities. Our power washing services extend into five Wisconsin counties:

K2’s turnaround time is prompt to provide Wisconsin homeowners with fast-action curb appeal. Before we pack up, we’ll make sure you're satisfied with the results. Whether your stucco home is plastered traditionally or synthetically, K2 has the power washing expertise to help.

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