Drywall Repair and Painting Services in the Milwaukee Area

Restore your drywall to its original beauty with drywall repair from K2 PaintingK2 painting has experienced drywall repair experts

At K2 Painting we’re committed to helping you create a beautiful space for the interior of your home. We have experienced drywall contractors on staff who can repair your drywall and make you forget that the damage ever existed in the first place. All of our work is done with high quality materials and backed up by our 5 year satisfaction guarantee.

What to expect from K2 Painting

When K2 Painting is working in your home we never forget we are just guests. We work quickly, efficiently and cleanly to get the job done and cause minimal disruption in your house. To ensure our best work on the jobs you’ll see every day, we only allow our most experienced painters and drywall workers to work on house interior jobs.

Pristine drywall ready-to-paint

To ensure that your patch job blends seamlessly into the surrounding wall, we have products for small holes as well as larger repairs. Our drywall repair experts patch, fill and sand drywall damage until it is seamlessly blended with the original material. After a quick paint job from the painting pros at K2 it will be like your wall was never damaged.

Quality materials

During a drywall repair job, K2 will make sure that the highest quality materials are used to restore the integrity of your wall. From lightweight spackling in nail punctures to the reinforcement and drywall patch for large holes your wall will be as solid as the day it was put up when we’re done.

5 year satisfaction guarantee

Every job by K2 Painting is backed by our 5 year satisfaction guarantee. For the first two years after the job is completed we will gladly return and address any issue you bring to our attention, even if the problem is with underlying materials and not our workmanship.

For years 3-5 we will return to the job and fix any aspect of our work that you’re not satisfied with.

Take a look at our project gallery to see pictures of our completed interior projects.

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