Professional Hardiplank Pressure Washing in Wisconsin

Power Wash Hardie SidingHardiplank siding power washing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin's professional cleaning service

Hardiplank, or fiber cement siding, is a known for its resilience against harsh Wisconsin weather. While it isn’t easily damaged, James Hardie siding isn’t immune to dirt, mold and algae stains. For proper hardiplank maintenance, it’s recommended to clean the siding once or twice a year.

K2 offers siding pressure washing for Milwaukee area exteriors. Whether you need a residential cleanse or a commercial power rinse, our professional pressure washing services offer multiple advantages over DIY cleaning:

Remove Mold & Dirt from Hardiplank Siding

Hardiplank is great at protecting your home, but fending off the elements doesn't come without a few battle wounds. Hardie siding can come under attack by:

While it might be simple to wash the hardiplank yourself, beware. Without adequate power washing experience, you could easily chip and damage your Hardie siding. K2’s professionals know the right PSI, distance precautions and cleaning chemicals to wash your exterior safely.

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Let the natural look of Hardie siding shine through by hiring K2’s power washers. Check out our project gallery to see photos of our exterior expertise. We provide power washing services in five Wisconsin counties:

Boost curb appeal with K2’s fast and professional pressure washing.

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