Concrete Pressure Washing Services in Milwaukee

Professional Washing Service for Your Concrete Surfaces

When the snow melts after a long, bitter Wisconsin winter, the last thing you want is the smell of concrete mildew mingling with spring air. Concrete can develop mold if it’s not exposed to sun for long periods of time, like if it’s covered in a thick layer of ice and dirty snow for months at a time. The professional power washing services at K2 Painting wash your concrete before it turns into a costly replacement situation.

K2 Painting provides concrete power washing services to Milwaukee residential exteriors and commercial buildings to enhance any concrete surface, including:                      Milwaukee Concrete Pressure Washing

Washing your concrete surfaces has the potential to add aesthetic value to your home or buildings--especially with our 5-year satisfaction program maintaining that aesthetic. Check out our gallery of other professionally cleaned homes and commercial buildings.

Safe Concrete Power Washing Methods

The durability of concrete makes it the preferred construction material, but DIY cleaners forget the etching ability that power washing has on this durable surface. Untrained power washers don’t know the proper temperature, tips, and pressure settings to effectively wash their concrete without damaging the material.

Let our power washing experts handle your sidewalk or driveway cleaning with the proper tools, knowledge, and time to get the job done right—and cost you less.

K2 Painting has Effective Pressure Washing Methods

Other than developing mold from lack of sun exposure, some concrete surfaces, like driveways and garages, are exposed to other staining materials, including:

Clean away these unsavory surface stains from your concrete sidewalks and garage floors with the powerful pressure washing services from K2 Painting. Our professionals know how to overcome most surface stains, and can help homeowners choose the right cleaning agents to remove other materials.

Contact the professional pressure washing group at K2 Painting for your next concrete job.