Industrial Floor Painting, Striping and Safety Markings

Keep Your Workers Safe and Traffic FlowingK2 painting contractor hard at work painting a loading dock safety yellow

A hectic facility depends on all of the systems and operations within it running efficiently. It’s unsafe and impractical to have pedestrians straying into high-traffic forklift lanes, workers missing potential hazards and employees or customers getting lost within your facility. Industrial floor striping and marking from K2 painting will help keep everyone in their place to minimize accidents and mishaps.

Industrial floor markings can be used by any company with high traffic facilities such as:

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Floor Painting to Designate Walkways and Vehicle Lanes

One of the greatest hazards in an industrial facility is a collision between pedestrians and forklifts or material moving vehicles. Clearly marked, high-visibility forklift lanes and floor striping are an easy way to make sure everybody knows where they can safely travel within your facility.

In addition to floor paths and striping, K2 Painting can also apply high-visibility safety paint to:

Controlling the flow of traffic is crucial to keeping everyone safe and avoiding accidents, K2 Painting can create unmissable markings and signals on your floor.

OSHA Compliant Hazard Marking

OSHA specifies certain requirements for floor markings and K2 Painting is well versed with the painting and striping regulations to keep your facility compliant. Industrial floor striping that meets OSHA specifications will:

Floor Striping That Will Last

K2 Painting uses only the highest quality Sherwin Williams and PPG products to create high visibility floor markings that will be unmissable when they’re new, and for years to come. From surface prep to the final coat, K2 Painting completes every paint job to look great and stand up to foot traffic, forklift tires, sliding pallets and more.

K2 Five Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Every job that we do comes backed by our five year satisfaction guarantee. For the first two years after the paint dries we will come back to your facility and fix any part of the job that you’re not satisfied with, even if the problem was from underlying material. For the next three years we will come back and fix any part of our work that doesn’t meet your standards.

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