Steel and Metal Pressure Washing in Milwaukee

Corrugated Steel Pressure Washing Service

Steel roofs, fences, siding, and ceilings are an economical choice for residential or commercial building applications. However, not all steel is stainless, and over time it may still rust or become damaged if exposed to weathering and the elements. When your corrugated steel property needs cleaning, especially in spring after a winter of ice, salt, and dirt, a deep power washing will remove build-up, helping to keep your home or business looking sharp. Professional steel power washing services from K2 Painting are a preventative step in preserving your property investment. We spray high-pressure water, and, when necessary, scrub the steel to restore it to its natural shine.

K2 Painting provides galvanized steel power washing services to Milwaukee residential exteriors and commercial buildings to enhance any steel surface, including:

Washing your steel surfaces can restore the look of homes or buildings--especially with our 5-year satisfaction program maintaining that aesthetic. Check out our gallery of other professionally cleaned homes and commercial buildings.

Safe Steel Power Washing Methods

Steel is a durable material for building exteriors, but it's still important to handle it properly and use the best washing methods to thoroughly remove debris without damaging the surface. Our trained power washers know the proper temperature, tips, and pressure settings to effectively wash steel without damaging the material.

Let our power washing experts handle your steel cleaning with the proper tools, knowledge, and time to get the job done right—and cost you less.

K2 Painting has Effective Pressure Washing Methods

At K2, our professionals know how to overcome most surface stains, and can help homeowners choose the right cleaning agents to remove other materials, such as oil and grime build-up.

Contact the professional pressure washing group at K2 Painting for your next galvanized steel cleaning job.