Painted Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Let the Trained Pros at K2 Handle Textured CeilingsPopcorn Ceiling Removal Contractors

You've seen those distinctive textured ceilings before. Many popcorn ceilings, sometimes called "cottage cheese" or "stucco" ceilings, contain dangerous asbestos. Asbestos poses a serious health risk to untrained DIY removers. Even gentle disturbances can release highly dangerous particles into the air which have been known to cause a variety of serious respiratory diseases like mesothelioma or asbestosis. 

The contractors at K2 Painting are trained to properly remove and dispose of asbestos popcorn ceilings to keep your family safe and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home interior too. Whether we're repairing drywall, staining a deck, or removing dangerous asbestos, safety is K2 painting's priority. 

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Hazardous Asbestos is Never in Style

Popcorn ceilings containing asbestos were mostly installed in the 1950s through the 80s. However, many were still installed after that without asbestos. Regardless of whether or not popcorn ceilings are a health hazard to homeowners, many people no longer care for their spackled look. Often they were favored by contractors for their ability to conceal imperfections rather than for their aesthetic appeal. 

K2 Painting is your first stop for popcorn ceiling removal near Milwaukee. 

A Fresh Paint Job For a New Look On Your Ceiling

Once your ceiling is flat and clean, our painters will work with you to select a new ceiling finish that looks great and won't pose a danger. We have a substantial portfolio of work showcasing our excellent results. We only let our most experienced painters do detailed interior work to ensure that you'll be satisfied with how your ceiling looks. 

Our 5 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

At K2 we take every opportunity to ensure that we're doing our best work in your home, and we don't pack up to leave until we have your seal of approval. We're so confident in our work that we back every job with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee. For the first two years after the job's completion, we will return to fix anything you're not satisfied with, even if it's a problem with underlying material and not our work. Over the next three years, you can call us about any part of our work you're not satisfied with and we'll come fix it. 

Contact K2 Painting if you're worried about dangerous asbestos, or simply sick of looking at a lumpy popcorn ceiling.